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Welcome to Konkansrushti. Tucked away in the serene locale at peaceful Kherwase, Konkansrushti is an upcoming township especially designed for your home-away-from-home.
What with a hardly six hours drive from Pune— eight from Mumbai —it is an ideal spot to have your own country home. Away from the hubbub of the city, see Konkan as if through a looking glass. Get up to fresh air; talk with birds over a cup of tea; take a walk over the dew sprinkled grass; check out that occasional rabbit scurrying away from your backyard; grow your own vegetables—Oh, and mind that hornbill, he likes gourds……..

Come home to Konkansrushti.

Live in harmony……….

Feel ten years younger

* Konkanbhoomi developers & Konkanbhoomi Properties reserve the right to alternation & or changes as per the nesserly as & when required
**Konkansrushti has a unique feature of providing library facilities for its residents along with a pure Marathi restaurant.

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