www.konkanplots.com is the platform forkonkanbased builders and konkanproperty Investors search for respective affordable properties. We promote, advertise and generate Leads for Projects and Resort Owners based in Konkan. We made lot of things easy by adding builder’s sanction documents and provided window to impress buyer with legalities of their salable properties.

www.konkanplots.com is the platform where Resort owners can advertise their Rental Properties for konkan Lovers and weekend home seekers around Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Kolhapur, Satara, etccities.

MrSaurabh R Dikondkar,is a Founder of www.konkanplots.com

Founded in June 2014

We have a big Think Tank &Competent Team beneath this venture. We are a team ofIT Professionals with over 15 years of experience in Security, IT Infrastructure & Servers Securitywith a highly reputed organizationsthat are amongst the top entities of India.
Also a Team of Sales and marketing professionals with more than 10 years of experience, who has successfully headed the Real Estate Projects and vision of consumer needs and their requirements.

  • Making Profits and Generating Employment is our Mission.

  • Our mission is to provide benefits to Builders / Developers / Promoters by bringing down Advertisement Costs.

  • Generate genuine Leads for our clients

  • Bringing close the Lovers & Investors to the Nature of konkan.

  • Promotionsof Resorts which are unexplored by many tourists.

We generate Leads

Google Adsent for Paid advertising – to generate Leads directly – City wise

We have own Mail Server – Through which we send advertising E-mailers to our registered clients

Sending Designed Offers of Builders & Developers to Clients

Digital Marketing through various platforms like FB, Instagram, WhatsApp, Print media

Marketing SMS / Banner Ads / Leaflets / Roadside banners / Flyers/etc.

We are using Social Media extensively to educate and popularize our services as well as to attract Guests. We also intend to advertise with various regional TV shows to attract particular client base.

On Right side of website = Register = Sign up as guest = with email id &P/w…next step will direct you to your dashboard = On Right side your Name will appear = Click on your name & Edit Profile = Post Advertise for Property / Resort / Classified ads.

No. There is only one account for Guests and Lister. Both can enjoy equal privileges.

No, it's absolutely FREE for First time Publisher - Post Advertise for Property / Resort / Classified ads for 15 days

Property – Advertising Package

  1. Trial Pack – 1 Month - Rs. 9000/- (Including Tax)

Validity : 30 Days + 10 Days Free

2.Saver Pack – 2 Month - Rs. 17500/-

Validity : 60 Days + 10 Days Extra Add

3. Booster Pack – 2 Month - Rs. 25500/-

Validity : 90 Days + 15 Days Extra Add

Depends on the project Type and City of Project.

Send mail to konkanplots.com@gmail.com or info@konkanplots.com

Contact to : +91 8380027503

Property Inquiry Alerts via Mobile SMS & On Emails